Monday, 12 October 2009

Chosen Job Advertisement: Graphic/Web Designer

After browsing several jobs jobs in this field, and much careful thought, I decided to choose the job advertisement above. There are a few reasons for this choice:

Firstly, the job on offer covers print, web design and branding, which means one would have to quite versatile to work in this environment. To me, a role as a print and web designer would be more interesting than specialising in a particular area. The daily challenges would vary, there is more creative scope, and you wouldn’t be always stuck be doing the same thing. Ultimately I would like to work in both web and print, which is why I find this job appealing.

I also have print design, art-working experience, and some branding knowledge. The software
requirements for this job are not out of my depth either, I use most of the applications on a daily basis, and the others for example: Quark, which I have worked on in past, I could easily brush up on.

Another reason for my choice is that, at this stage of my study I wouldn’t feel confident enough to tackle the role of a developers job. I do have a basic understanding of XHTML, CSS, and intend to learn PHP, and Javascript, however, my knowledge in this field is not vast, and I think at this moment time it would be over ambitious to apply for such a role. When looking at my level of ability, I would feel more comfortable applying for the role of a print/web designer, working in an environment where I could expand my knowledge, and eventually build up to a front end developers level one day.

From what I have mentioned above it is apparent of what my strengths and weaknesses are.
So far I have been impressed with my learning curve, and my ability to take the bull by both horns on some occasions, but there is so much more to learn. The XHTML, and CSS seems to falling in to place now, I just need an understanding of PHP and JavaScript, and what else could prove useful. The current brief will help me in doing this, then it is just a case of keeping it up, and producing more websites.

My action plan is:

To build on my XHTML and CSS, to a level where I can hand code, without using Dreamweaver.
To learn PHP and JavaScript, or have a good understanding of both.
Learn WordPress.

Maybe several months down the line I will be saying something different. Hopefully by then
I wouldn’t be so daunted by a developers role.