Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Professional folio Analysis

For my online professional portfolio competitive analysis I have chose to write about a freelance designer and developer called Colin Miller (www.colinmiller.co.uk).

I intended like before on finding someone inspirational, however, whilst browsing the web looking for a professionals site I stumbled upon this site and decided to use this for my analysis.

In terms of speed, the pages loaded quite fast but were larger in file size than I expected, this is down to the large back ground image, however everything else is optimised for web.

When looking at the design of the site, I would have to say for someone with 27 years experience I was expecting something a bit more well designed and contemporary. The main element that stands out is the background image, which in my view looks a bit outdated. Personally I would of opted for something a bit more subtle, also and I am not fond of the cliché Esso tiger style photo on the home page.

The logo on the site does compliment the colour theme, and stands out on a white background, but again looks dated.

On a positive note the site is very informative, the navigation is good, all the links work, the site validates (note links at bottom), and it is obvious the designer is aware of web standards as he even has a page educating the viewer on the subject.

In terms of Parc principles there is definitely contrast, elements seem aligned, and grouped and there is use of repetition with the orange, yellow and blue, however the colour theme is disappointing. I would be inclined to change the colour theme colour theme, removing the background image would be a start.

Overall, for someone with 27 years experience in the trade, I would have expected something a little better for a folio site. In terms of information and navigation the site does its purpose, however, I feel the site does not do his portfolio work much justice.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Competitive Analysis

The site under analysis is a portfolio site of student who graduated last year (www.robertladkani.com). I found this site while looking at the D&AD students awards of 2009. The maker of this site won an D&AD award for web design.

I chose this flash site because I wanted to write about something inspirational instead of finding something with plenty of negatives and ripping it to pieces. What attracted me to this site was the its simplicity and quality of work which is complimented by its clean, minimal, clinical layout.

When looking at Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast (PARC), I would say the demonstrates these principles quite well. Elements are grouped and aligned. There is repetition of a minimal colour scheme and good use of typography which demonstrates contrast.

In terms of navigation, the site works fine, and is easy to use. The internal links work, are labelled clearly, all the externals are distinguishable, and active.

Another positive is the portfolio which is varied in style and medium. It appears the designer is quite versatile and demonstrates good use of print and interactive media. The minimalist flash animations that occur when one rolls over over the links at the bottom of the page also compliment this site.

In terms of information the site also has a biography, a blog, contact page and an online CV which can be downloaded which is useful.

The only negative aspect of the site is the blog which unfortunately has not recently been updated. When taking in to consideration accessibility maybe the navigation on the top right could be a more prominent, but then again am a fan of minimal layout. The site seems fairly fast when loading however I am on a high speed connection. it would be interesting to view it on a slower one as the file size is quite large.

Overall I feel the site does its job. its well designed, interesting, contemporary and legible.The folio is of a high standard, and is easy to navigate unlike some other flash design sites I have come across which seem to have lost their purpose and the value of navigation.