Monday, 5 October 2009

Glad to be back

In all honesty, after the long summer break, I must say It is nice to have some order
and direction in my life again. The break has been a relaxing period, however for me, too long, andrelaxing. Over the summer period I managed get some design work which was print based, but not enough web work as I wanted.

We were issued with our first brief last Wednesday. I knew this was going to be a bit of a shock to the system, in terms of time management, organisation etc, for that reason I have wasted little time and I got stuck in straight away.

The first phase of the A9: Up Your Street has gone quite well in terms of,ideas generation, taking my own photos, research, etc. The deadline for phase one is on the 7th October, which gives us two weeks. After that the final phase (another two weeks) is developing the web site, which I must admit I am finding this quite daunting at the moment, because this time we have to incorporate new languages like Java script (for the gallery) and a PHP (for the contact form), both of which are new to me.

The sooner I get the site design finished the better, this means I can use time gained to learn what needs to be done for the Java script and PHP.

That apprehension I had last year before the A5 builder brief has come back to haunt me again.
Hopefully once again I hope I can prove my doubts wrong.

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