Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Where I’ve come from; where I am now; where I’m going

My creative path started ten years ago, when I enrolled on an Art and Design Course at Bradford College. We were encouraged specialise in two areas, I chose Illustration and Graphic design. It all looked promising until the second year when three design lecturers left and were replaced by fine artists. Because of this, when I graduated my folio consisted mainly of fine art, and not enough design. After, I made the decision to go back in to catering again, which still is my trade, in my spare time I worked freelance as a designer, building a stronger folio.

Eventually I landed a job as an Artworker for Shawk, a company based in Leeds. The work was mainly prepping packaging for print, and after a year it became quite monotonous. A friend set up a design company called Surface, based in Ilkley and offered me a position, which I took. However, several months later Surface folded.

Since then I have done the odd bit of freelance, but still working as a chef. So nine months ago, I decided I wanted to go back into education and better myself.

As I have some design background, and I find the web very interesting, I decided the logical thing to do was look for a Multimedia Course, also that's where the work seems to be these days. Earlier this year, when browsing the web, I came across the Multimedia Course at Wakefield College, the HNC seemed to offer what I wanted, with tutors having commercial experience, contacts with local agencies, and most importantly students finding work in the industry after graduating.

I'm confident this course will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to know, hopefully, the end result being a job in the industry I want to work in.

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