Wednesday, 8 October 2008


When starting any new course, I have always experienced some form of apprehension. My first hurdle, like many others, was settling in and becoming familiar with other group members. We had a number of ice breaking exercises which helped a great deal, also some members have made the effort to organise team bonding activities such as go-karting, unfortunately I was unable to attend, hopefully I will be there for the next activity.

So far people seem to be mingling well, the atmosphere is pleasant and everyone seems to be happy. There seems to be a good balance in the group, in terms of age, background, knowledge and software skill. I feel this will make us a stronger team in due course.

Another concern was balancing my college work with my full time job, and in the first few weeks, this proved to be harder than I anticipated, so I have had to reduce my work hours considerably. My situation is a bit of a catch 22, I need the money, however I can not work forty-two hours a week and perform well on the course. Instead, I will adapt by working more shifts during the summer break.

Everything else seems to be going fine. We have two briefs on at the moment, one is a glossery, to compliment our future studies, and the other is a visual diary which will continue throughout the course. I am aware the work load will increase, but having now settled I feel more ready for what is to come.

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