Tuesday, 9 February 2010

So far so good

Initially when issued with the team brief there were mixed emotions throughout our team. A mixture of apprehension, uncertainty, anticipation and quite a lot of stress to start with, as we were all finding our feet, trying to establish our self as a team and adjust to our personal roles. Since the start of the course we have always been responsible for our own work, so I guess its only human to experience something like this. To be honest I did take things a bit too seriously at the beginning, however, I feel this was amplified by the fact that I have less time now to commit my self to the course and there is little time left before we graduate.

After that initial hurdle I am pleased to say things have fallen in to place. We seem to be working well as a team and I am happy with the results so far. None of us were looking forward to large amount of written work we had to do, which is why we were so eager to get it of the way, so we could enjoy and focus on the design part, which we are working on at the moment.

Once our personal and team projects are handed in we are then ready to start work on our “live projects”. Fortunately we have quite a varied amount of work in the pipe line. This will be beneficial for us individually and as a team. My only concern, which is understandable from past experience is having our time wasted by a client and work not materialising as a result. Because of this we have been selective and careful with who we intend on working with. Hopefully the outcome will be positive.

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