Thursday, 19 November 2009

A9: In retrospect

When we were issued the A9 brief, I knew we didn’t have much time to complete this project in relation to the to the previous sites, and for that reason I wasted no time in getting started.

The actual designing of the website proved a little harder and longer than I expected. This was because I was not satisfied with my initial designs, and I ended up going around in circles for some time.

When it actually came to the build of the website, as with the previous site, I was quite
daunted at first, because this time there was the PHP and JavaScript to be incorporated. Using these scripts were all new to me, however most of it, was easier than I anticipated, and it was quite enjoyable see it work at the end.

Another rewarding part was been able to involve my own photography again. Photography is a medium I always like to incorporate given the opportunity. The challenge on this occasion however was taking an everyday mundane object and portraying it in an interesting way.

The end result of the design and photography was quite pleasing, and I think I did what I set out to achieve, however, I feel at some point I need to step out of my comfort zone, and instead of always opting for the clean, minimal design look, maybe go for some thing more experimental, rustic, or opposite to what I normally produce.
There will be opportunities to build more sites, so I will need to put this in to practice at some point. This will also show more variation in my folio.

In terms of the technical aspect, overall, I am quite pleased with the project outcome, and once again my knowledge, and skills has improved. I am looking forward to building more sites, however, from now on, each new site I take on, I intend to incorporate something new, whether it is PHP or Javascript, or something else.

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