Monday, 2 February 2009

Diligence is a Virtue

Last Monday we received our results for the A3 brief. I was hoping for a pass, but I received a referral. In a way, I was relieved that the errors were only minor and would not take too long to amend, however, they were silly mistakes, and I was annoyed with once myself again for not noticing these during the project.

One of my main faults was not keeping a detailed account of my self study on my time sheets. I admit they were put on the back burner, especially over the Christmas period, and I did rush them off towards the end. This will not happen again, and I will fill them in properly from now on.

Another mistake was on the “Who is query”, in which I had put the wrong domain name in instead of the proposed name for the site I intend to build. I think at the time I was so concerned other elements had to be correct that I over looked this fault, which was staring at me in all the time.

My last fault was not having enough detailed measurements on my screen design. Again this was a something I have learned from, and I will make sure all my measurements are more detailed in the future.

We were all given a week to amend our work, and resubmission was this morning. Hopefully everything should be fine now, and I will be able to concentrate more on the latest A5 (builder) brief, which we started last week.

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